The most beautiful places around The Baltic Sea and in Western Europe. Charming harbors, marinas, old towns, lonely anchorages, little islands, interesting passages...
Najpiękniejsze zakątki Bałtyku i zachodniego wybrzeża Europy. Urocze porty, stare miasteczka, bezludne zatoczki, wyspy i wysepki, interesujące przejścia...

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Hävringe – najmniejszy port Bałtyku? (The smallest harbor on Baltic?)

06/03/2014 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Wyspa Hävringe, stacja pilotów i zabytkowy znak nawigacyjny. Old lighthouse and pilot station on Hävringe island. Not really the smallest as in the title because we have visited smaller, but there is room for 3 guest yachts only. Other places in a little haven are reserved. Beautiful islet Hävringe is situated 7 miles East of Oxelösund, [...]

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Terschelling, Wyspy Fryzyjskie, Frisian Islands.

02/01/2014 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Latarnia morska i wieś West Terschelling od strony Waddenzee. West Terschelling and Brandaris lighthouse. Wadden Sea – one of the most interesting sailing areas in Europe. Strange combination of water and sand, dry coniferous forests, swamps and dunes. Refuge for millions of migratory water birds. Calm but demanding place to live for people. This time [...]

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Surströmming z wyspy Ulvön. Surströmming from Ulvön island.

24/10/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Surströmming – delicacy not for everybody. One of the most interesting destinations on High Coast (Höga Kusten) on Swedish side of The Gulf of Bothnia is Ulvön – what means “Island of the wolf”. This place has really beautiful landscapes, old traditional fisherman’s village and interesting approach through a narrow strait, but is famous because [...]

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Wyspa Garpen (island)

16/09/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Garpen – porcik dla morskich mieczówek. Garpen – little harbor for shallow draft yachts. As you have probably noticed, we prefer small harbors, sometimes very little. Like Garpen in Kalmarsund, Sweden. This is a tiny island with several houses and a lighthouse situated just in front of Bergkvara harbor. The haven is only about 1.2 [...]

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03/08/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Swedish skerries once again. This time Valdemarsvik town and harbor situated in the end of  10 miles long fiord. Small but cozy place. Marina with most facilities including Wi Fi, washing mashine and black water collecting. Mooring in fingers, cost 100 SEK, third night free. Supermarket in the harbor. Very interesting   second-hand bookshops and [...]

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Wyspa Malören (island).

15/06/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Malören island is mysterious and not easy to reach place on the most northern part of The Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden. From the air it looks like € but more romantic people say that it resembles rather a horse shoe (see on the cover of a very good sailing guide Norrlandskust by Erik Nyström). The [...]

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Wyspa Gåsören (island)

22/05/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Gåsören island near Skellefteå, Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden. One of the smallest islets and harbors we have visited. Tiny marina is run by Swedish sailors, who also operate an old lighthouse which they rebuild as a hobby. Official and bigger lighthouse is automatic. Entrance to the harbor is 6 meters wide and the marina is [...]

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Wyspa Mässkär (island), Finlandia

03/04/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Mässkär in western Finland is a nice and quite safe harbor situated on an island not far from Pietarsaari (Jakobstadt), Gulf of Bothnia.  It is a tourist place with picturesque landscapes, pleasant café and restaurant, nature station, sauna and a fire place. The harbor is deep but as can be seen on the pictures there [...]

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Wyspa Junkön (island). Archipelag Luleå

12/03/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Junkön island in Luleå archipelago (Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden) is really symphatetic. Young women (students) help  to moor the yachts and inform about harbor facilities and the most interesting places on the island. Sailors don’t even have to leave the port to find two small museums:  of old outboard engines and traditional life of the [...]

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Töre – północny kraniec Bałtyku. Northern edge of The Baltic Sea.

20/02/2013 - Author: AW Bilińscy - Bank Zdjęć

Töre in Sweden (Gulf of Bothnia) is the most northern harbor of The Baltic Sea! Sailors come here to make a circle around yellow buoy indicating this “magic” point and to obtain a diploma which is a written proof that the yacht was that far to the North. The marina is not the best but [...]

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